Monday, March 14, 2016

Taking Care of Business - Week 1 at Attijariwafa bank foundation

We kicked off our official Corporate Service Corps work assignments last Monday with a large group meeting at the IBM office in Casablanca. Our group of 15 is divided into 4 subteams and assigned to 4 different projects.

IBM Corporate Service Corps - Morocco 8 - arriving at IBM Casablanca to meet our host organizations for the first time.
Here is a photo of "Subteam 1".We are very fortunate because our client office in Casa is a 2 minute walk from the hotel and we have a very welcoming and attentive host organization.

Subteam 1 - Saikat (India), Lucy (Mexico), Karen (Canada) and Frank (US)
Our subteam completed its first successful week with our client - Attijariwafa bank foundation. Attijariwafi bank (AWB) is the largest bank in Morocco and also operates in many other African and European countries. Our host is Amina Ben Amar - the Director of the foundation.

"No progress without social profitability" is one of the mottoes of AWB. The bank demonstrates, through its foundation, a strong commitment to young people by providing access to the arts and actively supporting education initiatives. Development of youth is the mission of the foundation and they have developed their strategy around two key areas:
  • Culture, fostering openness to art and culture
  • Education, promoting and enhancing knowledge

Our IBM team with our client host - Mme. Amina Ben Amar (in her office)
We are working on a Re-envisioning exercise for one of the websites (portals) that the foundation built many years ago. Here is the extended team including the 2 content developers for the current portal.

From left to right - Lucy, Saikat, Fatima, Jamal, Amina, Frank and Karen.
I'll continue to post updates about our client experiences. AWB is known for its impressive art collection and displays around the building. Here are Saikat and Lucy posing beside a sculpture of a horse:

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