Saturday, March 5, 2016

Day 2 - Meet the team and the local Program Advisors

Today we spent the morning as a team getting to know each other and getting a briefing from our local Program Advisors - Imane and Nisrine from Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT). We also met Sidi, our local IBMer in charge of Coporate Citizenship for North Africa (he is based in Morocco).

We were treated to a lovely 3-course lunch at the hotel - I think we're all going to gain several pounds here in Morocco since food is a main focus. I am loving practicing my french and I'm becoming accustomed to the local accents.

Funniest story from today - I went up the lift with another man and spoke to him automatically in french. After we exchanged a few greetings he asked me (in french) - do you speak English? I answered - "Yes". Turns out he's from Montreal. I came all the way to Casablanca to meet a guy who lives 2 hours away from me. Small world.

Our first team walkabout Casablanca - the local Pizza Hut. Note the bicycle delivery vehicles out front :)

One of the local patisseries.


The night-time view from the rooftop bar at our hotel - spectacular.

Another view of from the rooftop.

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